AMOSSHE Executive changes

23 February 2017 10:20 | Anonymous

AMOSSHE Executive Member Pete Quinn, who was previously Director of Student Support at University of York, was elected to the Executive role in July 2016 for one year because Fay Sherrington changed her role to become AMOSSHE Vice Chair. Pete is now pursuing consultancy work, so the role becomes available for a representative of an AMOSSHE member organisation. The entire AMOSSHE team extends their thanks to Pete for his work with AMOSSHE during this academic year, and wish him well for his future in the higher education sector.

The AMOSSHE Executive Committee has consulted the list of candidates who members voted for in June 2016, to find the unelected person with the most votes to take Pete’s place as Executive Member for the remainder of the 2016/17 academic year. AMOSSHE is delighted to welcome Jill Stevenson, Head of Student Support Service at University of Stirling, as the new Executive Member.

Here’s the statement Jill made when nominating to join the AMOSSHE Executive:

As Head of Student Support Services at the University of Stirling, I am privileged to have the opportunity to make transformational changes that make tangible differences to the lives of our students. I would be delighted to extend this impact across the sector as a member of the AMOSSHE Executive. I believe that I can contribute a unique combination of energy, drive, and a fresh perspective, coupled with an extensive knowledge and understanding of the student support and equality and diversity agendas. 

I recently led a significant restructure of Student Support Services at Stirling, resulting in the creation of an increasingly integrated, resilient and student-focused service. At the heart of this initiative is a desire to optimise the student experience through the provision of adaptable, accessible and well-promoted services, delivered by a customer-focused team of the highest calibre. 

I am deeply committed to creating a shared culture of accessibility, inclusion and respect for diversity. I consider the development of strong partnerships – internally and externally within and outwith the higher education sector – as pivotal to this ambition. This vision, coupled with the ever-increasing demand for all our services, requires universities to share knowledge, expertise and resources to develop impactful and innovative initiatives that not only enable students to achieve their potential at university, but also equip them with the resilience and life skills to become confident and employable graduates.

As a member of the AMOSSHE Executive, I would seek to foster effective collaborations, and create a sound evidence base that convincingly demonstrates the impact of Student Services to policy-makers and funders. I’m excited to have the opportunity to collaborate with and represent my sectoral colleagues in pursuit of our shared ambitions to enhance the lives of our students.

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